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Our staff 


Our specialised team of teachers and school officers provide innovative and engaging classes for each child’s primary school years.  Staff at St Maria Goretti have a strong commitment to whole school approaches to numeracy and literacy, as well as early intervention programs to support students with additional learning needs and those demonstrating significant academic talent. 

  • Principal - Mrs Casey Robinson  
  • Assistant to the Principal Religious Education (APRE) -  Mrs Casey Robinson 
  • Prep/1 teacher - Miss Madison Spencer
  • 2/3/4 teacher - Miss Darcy Barnes
  • 5/6 teacher - Miss Elizabeth Key
  • German teacher - Mrs Ina Winter
  • Learning Support Teacher - Mrs Maree Twidale 
  • Curriculum Coordination (Middle Leader) - Mrs Casey Robinson 
  • Teacher Librarian (travelling) - Mrs Anne Anderson 
  • Library Aide - Mrs Zalae Smith 
  • Teacher Aide - Mrs Naomi Smith 
  • Teacher Aide - Mrs Zalae Smith 
  • Teacher Aide - Miss Imogen Bankes 
  • Admin Officer/Finance Officer - Mrs Mandy Mead 
  • OHS Officer - Mrs Naomi Smith 
  • School Counsellor (travelling) - Mr Paul Fomiatti 
  • Information and Communication Technologies Support (travelling) - Mr Kirk Teo
  • Cleaner - Mrs Carla Trevisiol